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Relax! Tips to Make Your Christmas Less About Stress, and More About Celebrating the Season

Christmas is meant to be a time for celebrating a season of love and peace, and enjoying time with your family and friends. It’s when we step back, take notice of the things around us we care about most, and appreciate having them in our lives. Unfortunately though, while this is what the season should be, it isn’t necessarily how modern day Americans practice it. Instead, Christmas has become a time of stress, where we try to replicate impressive gift-wrapping and party ideas we pull from Pinterest, spend more than we should on gifts (that aren’t even necessary!) and run around pulling everything together up until the last minute. By the time Christmas day arrives, we are worn out, and simply wish to sit in the quiet alone with a hot chocolate and a movie, rather than investing time in the ones we hold dear.

Ridge Energy Savers wants to do our part to remedy that this holiday season! It’s no secret…self care means you can better care for those around you. We want to offer one lucky winner the chance to spend a full day at the spa on us! It’s the perfect time to take a day of rest from the hustle and bustle of shopping, and simply soak in the season with a variety of spa treatments and attention focused solely on YOU. The giveaway for a $200 package from The Oasis Spa in Lake Wales ends on December 17th, so head over to our Facebook page here and enter while you have a chance!

Even if you aren’t the lucky winner this year, there are still ways you can make the season less about stress and more about what matters. Try these tips to make the season special and stay relaxed at the same time:

  1. Condense your shopping list! Does your child’s secondary substitute gym teacher really need an individually picked out, custom-wrapped gift? For teachers, coworkers, and other “groups” that you have to buy for, why not invest in a group gift? A platter of cookies from a local bakery, having breakfast delivered from a nearby eatery, or even a big bowl of candy with a card from your family could be a great way to spread holiday cheer without breaking the bank (or overloading your schedule).
  2. Simplify your hosting. Having Christmas gatherings is what makes the Christmas season feel special, but if you have individual parties for your neighbors, your friends, your spouse’s office staff, and your book club, you might feel overwhelmed and already wishing the season of partying was over, instead of looking forward to it with excitement.
  3. Consider simplifying your hosting this year. Combine parties where possible (maybe your neighbors and friends could all gather for one big party…it might be a great time to introduce new faces and build networking!), and when not possible, opt for easy, but festive, party ideas. For example, trade out a full 3-course dinner party for the office staff for an evening of coffee, cocktails, and desserts. Instead of an hours-long party for your various clubs and groups of friends, hold an Open House where cider and finger foods can be served for several hours, and individuals are encouraged to stop by whenever convenient throughout that time period. This relieves some of the pressure of hosting, and can lighten up your load allowing you to enjoy the party more and worry less.
  4. Knock out your regular “to do” list early in the month. Taking care of household chores, and other necessary tasks that fall in a typical month, before the holiday season actually arrives is a huge stress relief for many. Taking care of monthly errands (dropping off payment for bills, taking the dog to the vet) and wrapping up tasks such as trimming up shrubs or changing out the AC filter, mean you can consider them done until Christmas is over, and you’ll have less on your mind as the big day draws closer.

Want to relieve even more stress this season? Take your HVAC maintenance off your plate completely! Ridge Energy Savers is proud to offer full service for systems of all kinds. Our package includes a full checkup of your system, in addition to details like changing out your filter. Our goal is to keep your system working at its best all year long. We worry about it, so you don’t have to!

Happy holidays from Ridge Energy Savers. Good luck to all who enter our “Spa-tacular” giveaway!

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