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Allergies and Your AC: Breathe Easy This Spring

Ah…spring. Skies are blue, weather is breezy, flowers are blooming, and….everything is covered in yellow, awful, pollen. Pollen is the arch-nemesis to allergy sufferers in Florida, and if you are one of them, you know all too well the weeks of sneezing, scratchy throat, itchy eyes, and stuffy head that come along with the season. While it’s common to have these symptoms when you are outdoor around the environmental factors that trigger your reaction, it’s unfortunate when you begin to experience these symptoms inside your own home.

The reality is, pollen is capable of permeating your home in a variety of ways, and it takes some effort on your party to keep your home allergen-free and keep your air clean. Try these  tips to help as you prepare for battle against allergies this spring:

  • Change your air filter OFTEN. While the recommended filter change is once monthly, many people let their filter go much longer than this, especially since companies are marketing “long-lasting” filters that brag about good air quality for weeks without needing a change. This is simply not a good idea, especially if you suffer from allergies. Your best bet is to purchase filters targeting major allergens like pollen and pet dander, and change them out once a month at the least. If you’re still noticing symptoms, it might be worth changing your filter more often during the heavy allergy season.
  • Vacuum frequently, using a HEPA filter. Your vacuum could be a huge asset during allergy season, and it’s worth purchasing one that aids in removing allergens from your fabric surfaces, carpets, etc. and keeping them contained. Look for a vacuum that has a HEPA filter to get maximum benefit. Vacuum carpets daily, and if you have pets, the furniture as well. Vacuuming and/or washing drapes and fabric surfaces monthly during allergy season is also a good idea.
  • Close those windows! We understand that it’s temping to leave windows open when the air is breezy and you can cut some energy costs by giving your AC a break, but if you have allergies, this a big problem. Opening your windows allows all of the allergens floating around outside to settle right into your home, triggering your symptoms in a major way. Instead, use fans, light-blocking drapes, and your thermostat settings to control energy costs and stretch the cool air farther.

Remember that proper AC maintenance is also key in keeping your home’s air quality at its best. Experienced techs can help you identify areas that need work, and can keep your system going strong all year long. Winter Haven and Lakeland residents know that Ridge Energy Savers is the number one trusted source of HVAC knowledge, and our expert local technicians and customer-centered service keep people calling us back again and again. From maintenance to repair and replacement of your system, we are ready and waiting to help. Give us a call to schedule your appointment!

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