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2022 Ridge Energy Savers Valentine Giveaway

Ridge Energy Savers is proud to be a locally owned and operated business here in Polk County, and we always enjoy supporting other nearby businesses. A Polk County favorite is The Oasis Spa and Boutique, where individuals, couples, or groups can enjoy facials, massages, skincare treatments, therapeutic treatments, purchase all natural body products, and more! … Continued

Highs and Lows: Managing Humidity in Your Florida Home

Humidity is as much of a trademark of Florida as white sand beaches, Disneyworld, or alligators. Our almost tropical climate lends itself to high levels of moisture in the air through much of the year, especially in the spring and summer months, and that can lead to a miserable existence, especially if you don’t know how … Continued

A Carefree Christmas? YES! 3 Easy Hacks for a Simplified Holiday

Christmas is less than two weeks away, and as the holiday crunch sets in, it’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed instead of enjoying the season. While you can’t just sit back and relax when you’re the one responsible for pulling off the Yuletide traditions in your family, there are some hacks and shortcuts that … Continued

Things Are About to Get HOT! : Safely Deep-Frying Your Turkey

We have made it to the big week! Thanksgiving Day is this Thursday, and the thoughts of cooks across America are centered on cooking the perfect bird this year. Over the years, the trend of deep frying turkeys has become more and more popular, and now it’s a regular feature on Thanksgiving tables everywhere. Who … Continued

Tricks of the Trade: Make Your AC Last Longer with These 3 Tips

Air conditioning is a vital amenity all year long when you live in Florida. Our temps stay somewhere between 75 to 105 all 12 months, so if/when it goes out, it’s a huge ordeal for everyone in your home or business. Because of the nearly 24-hour strain, AC units tend to have a shorter life span … Continued

You've Got A Friend in Me: A Note from Your AC

Everyone needs a friend, and at Ridge Energy Savers, we think even your AC could use a pal or two when it comes to keeping your home comfortable all year long. Your AC, after all, isn’t just managing the temperature in your home, but also air flow and air quality. In order to do its … Continued

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2022 Ridge Energy Savers Valentine Giveaway
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Highs and Lows: Managing Humidity in Your Florida Home
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