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Behind the Scenes of Your AC: What You Need to Know

AC maintenance is a big part of Ridge Energy Savers, and all of our customers trust us to make sure their AC system is running at its best all year long. We do this by checking freon levels, making sure coils are clear and in good shape, checking lines for any freezing, etc., and, of course, we change the filter when we visit! In addition to our maintenance services, we also offer suggestions of how you can maintain your system, by changing the filter monthly, keeping pet hair and dust vacuumed up to assist your system in keeping the air clean, and by checking seals on doors and windows to ensure that your system is over-working to warm or cool your home. However, there is a whole part of your HVAC system “behind the scenes” that rarely gets attention and isn’t thought about much, and we think it deserves a moment in the spotlight.

We’re talking about your duct work. 

Duct work is a crucial part of your AC system, and without it, none of the cool air produced by the unit would make it to the inner parts of your home. However, duct work doesn’t receive the maintenance that the rest of your system might benefit from, and much of that is simply because homeowners don’t know how to maintain your ducts. Here are a few tips to keep all of your AC at its best this season:

  • Surface dust matters. The vents leading from your ducts into the various rooms of your home are just as important as the main grate leading to your filter. However, these don’t get cleaned as often since they are usually located on or near the ceiling in many houses and tend to go unnoticed until they are dirty enough to bring attention to themselves. Unfortunately by the time they reach that point, your ducts could be full of dust as well. Vacuum vents routinely along with the rest of your home to keep dust buildup to a minimum. In addition to the surface dust, you can also remove vent covers and use a heavy duty vacuum (like a shop vac) with an extension arm to reach all dirt and dust directly around the inside area of the vent.
  • Your ducts need cleaning too. This is not a DIY job, and is something you need to leave to the pros. Professional duct cleaning is done with a commercial grade vacuum system, attached to a truck. The hoses use a system of rotating extensions and brushes to thoroughly clean out your duct work and remove all dirt, dust, and grime that have built up over time. Doing this means cold air reaches your home’s rooms more quickly and that means your AC runs longer. In other words, you get more bang for your buck. Additionally, it improves air quality in your home which reduces allergy and breathing issues brought on by airborne particles. Duct cleaning time frames vary, but your AC technician (that’s us!) can suggest how often you should invest in hiring a cleaning service.
  • Watch for ducts during home improvement and/or attic usage. Duct work is often intertwined through ceiling and floor joists, and in your attic, which means you could come into contact with it when you are doing home improvement or working in your attic space. Try to give some space around ducts to avoid damaging them, and if you do accidentally have a run in with one and it ends up with a tear or dent, it could be worth having it checked to avoid any major damage to your overall HVAC system.

Ridge Energy Savers is THE trusted AC company in the greater Polk County area, and we want to see your entire system at its best. Investing in a maintenance package with us ensures that you have someone ready to go above and beyond, and will do our best to make sure you never go without the AC (or heat) that you need. Give us a call and we will take care of you!

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