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Commercial Upkeep: Why Restaurants Should Invest in A Maintenance Plan

Homeowners know the importance of maintenance, and often they choose to be proactive and invest in plans for routine inspections and “tune-ups” for their appliances and major home systems.  Here in Florida, the HVAC system is especially important since our temperatures soar during the summer, and remain relatively high for the majority of the year.  Businesses have just as much need of HVAC maintenance as residential customers, yet they often opt out of maintenance plans and agreements, and instead use service only when something goes wrong.

This is really not the best scenario, since restaurants usually have customers dining in, and the majority of their livelihood depends on the food within their industrial fridges and freezers.  If you own a restaurant, consider this: waiting until your HVAC system or commercial refrigeration has an issue, or worse, goes out altogether, could cost you hundreds in profit and lost materials.  Think about a typical day in your business, and then picture it without a functional AC and/or no refrigeration.  Your staff, and your customers, will be uncomfortable and hot, and that usually puts everyone in a foul mood.  No refrigeration means meat, dairy, and produce will begin to spoil, so you are forced to cook everything at once and then keep it at the appropriate temperature to maintain codes, OR you just accept that you’ll lose food and toss stuff as it climbs above the permitted temperature.  If you ignore the health codes, and are caught, you could be facing even MORE lost profit since you’ll be paying fines and could even be shut down periodically.

All that money lost would more than pay for a maintenance plan for your HVAC system and refrigeration appliances in your restaurant.  A maintenance plan covers routine inspections where potential issues can be discovered early before they cause bigger problems.  Even better?  With Ridge Energy Savers, local Polk County maintenance agreement customers get 10% off parts for repairs needed during these inspections, so you’re actually saving money in the long run!

Protect your restaurant and your money.  Give us a call about our maintenance plan and how it can work for you.

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