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Keep Your Cool While Camping: Tips for Hitting the Trail (or Campground) This Memorial Day Weekend

Summer heat is already in full-swing here in Florida, and with Memorial Day coming up fast, you might be wondering how the temps will affect your plans. Few people are more concerned about this though, than those who are camping during their holiday. Camping definitely has its own unique set of challenges and enjoyable moments, but camping in Florida is next level. The heat, the mosquitoes, the summer storms…there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Still, there’s also a lot to be enjoyed about camping in the Sunshine State. Our beautiful state parts and natural springs, beachside camping options, amazing wildlife viewing opportunities, and fun day-trips make us a top choice among campers who want to get away from the cold and enjoy a few rays. While we don’t know much about keeping the rain off, and there’s not much we can do about the mosquitoes, we do have some tips to help you stay cool during your tent-time this holiday.

Consider it “AC service” from the pros, for your (nylon) home away from home.

  • Make sure you have shade! Simply having shade over your tent area can make a HUGE different in daytime temperatures. The difference between the air outside your tent and the air inside can differ as much as 20 degrees if the sun is directly overhead. Try to position your tent under a shaded area, or plan to bring a tarp that can be fastened several feet above the tent and rainfly to provide extra protection from the sun. Bonus? Both shade trees and tarps are great ways to deflect any rainfall that hits you!
  • Optimize ventilation. Don’t seal up all of the windows and doors on your tent, even if it’s raining. Most tents have two layers…a “mesh” that protects against insects, and the inner nylon layer that protects against water, and gives you privacy. Keeping windows and doors open (and just closing the mesh) allows air to flow through the tent, rather than humidity and heat building up inside. If you really want to get things flowing, bringing along a battery powered fan (or a regular electric fan if you have hookups) is a great way to cool the inside of your tent.
  • Pack light…as in, lightweight. Plush blankets, heavy clothing, and winter-rated sleeping bags are not the best choice for Florida camping. Plan on sleeping in lightweight, breathable clothing, and opt for a summer weight sleeping bag. If you’re camping with more provisions you can even choose an air mattress with a light sheet instead of a sleeping bag altogether. A better night’s sleep definitely depends on staying cool and comfortable.
  • Hydrate! Continually drinking water is a big part of regulating your body’s temperature, at home or out on a camping adventure. Be sure to take plenty of clean water along for the trip, or check ahead to see if water is provided at the campsite.
  • There’s nothing wrong with “glamping” if that’s your style! Some people camp more glamorously than others. If you’re taking in the sights from your camper or RV with an AC unit in tow, good for you! They definitely make the trip a little easier during the hot summer temperatures. If you don’t have that luxury just yet, but want another option, you can purchase portable AC units that can be used inside of tents. Do a simple online search or ask your local big box store about their options.

If you fall in love with Florida and choose to stay, or if you’re a winter snowbird getting ready to head north after one last hurrah with your RV, Ridge Energy Savers is here to cover all of your home AC needs. We offer both emergency service and residential maintenance packages that keep your unit running at its best all year long. Make sure you don’t come home from your time in the heat to discover that your house is hotter than the campsite! Call Ridge to the Rescue and stay cool.

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