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Keeping Cool in The Great Outdoors

Unlike some of our northern neighbors, summer in Florida is actually not the best time for camping. Our high humidity, high temperatures, and almost daily storms during the summer months don’t make for great camping conditions, and no one wants to go on vacation only to be miserable the entire trip. However, as we face down Fall coming up in September, camp-goers will start to come out in droves, heading to the plentiful state parks, beaches, and RV resorts to enjoy the mild Floridian Fall and Winter seasons. Even with “mild” temperatures though, camping can get warm here in the Sunshine State. So, how can you keep cool if your camping setup doesn’t include an AC unit?

First, evaluate your campsite. If you know you’ll have power hookup, you can bring along a fan (or two!) and an extension cord to keep your tent or camper cool. If you set them up opposite open windows, you can create a cross-breeze that will be quite comfortable. Also take shade into consideration when setting up camp. Place your tent or camper in the most shaded spot of your campsite so as to avoid mid-day temperature jumps when the sun is overhead.

When evaluating your site and setup, take time to consider your wardrobe choices as well. During the day, opt for lightweight, breathable clothing, and steer clear of heavy materials that will hold excess heat. At night, have options available to choose from, since temperatures can vary greatly from one evening to the next. Have comfortable, cool sleepwear choices but have a sweatshirt and some jogging pants thrown in your bag as well in case there is an unexpected cool snap overnight and you are left shivering in your tent.

Finally, for daytime heat, plan activities that help you keep cool. Swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, surfing, waterskiing, and even plain old beach combing are wonderful ways to enjoy Florida’s natural beauty, and stay cool at the same time! If you’ve come home from your most recent camping trip and have discovered that your home is just as hot as your tent, we’re ready and waiting to come the rescue. We offer 24-hour emergency AC repair services, as well as routine maintenance packages, commercial service, and more. We serve the greater Polk County area so we can be at your home and have your system up and running sooner.

Keep your cool in the great outdoors, AND at home. Happy camping!

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