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Keeping Cool, Old School: Our 3 Favorite Summer Pastimes When The Weather Gets Hot

It’s no secret that summertime in Florida means temps soar and people stay inside soaking up their AC and waiting out the heat until winter finally comes. For kids though, summer means a break from school, and we all remember braving the heat just so we could soak up some of the fun things we missed out on during the school year. While today’s kids enjoy days spent enjoying visual reality games or time on their phones in the cool airs indoors, us “old school” folks look back on our summers and remember the many ways we stayed cool even when the weather was NOT.

Our top 3 favorites were…

  1. Slip and Slides. We all remember slip-and-slides. Whether your parents splurged on the long, fancy setups from the store, or you and your neighborhood pals sprayed down a piece of plastic sheeting with water and dish detergent, the fun of racing downhill, getting soaked, and staying cool even in the heat of the day is hard to beat!

  2. Sprinklers. Before built-in irrigation systems were the norm (using reclaimed water…YUCK!) we were able to enjoy the freestanding lawn sprinklers all summer lawn. Nothing was better than throwing on your swimsuit, grabbing a towel, and heading out in the backyard for hours of fun in the water. Bonus: it was great for the grass too!

  3. Frozen Treats. Remember the thrill of hearing the ice cream truck coming down your street? We do! Nothing beat a cold popsicle or a NuttyBuddy ice cream cone after a day spent riding your bike and playing outside with your friends. More than a few of us spent our allowance on way too much ice cream each summer!

Just because these ideas might be “old school,” relive your past and encourage your kids to get out and enjoy summertime with you this year. Pull out that old slip and slide, take the family out for ice cream if the truck doesn’t frequent your street, or pick up a cheap sprinkler on your way home and set it up for a Saturday of cool, clean fun. The best part of these summer activities? Coming inside and feeling that cool AC hit your face. That’s where we come in. Ridge Energy Savers makes sure your AC is there to greet you all summer long. When the weather gets hot, we help you keep your cool with our routine maintenance, repair, and replacement services for HVAC systems. Give us a call to make your appointment!

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