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Keeping Cool with Your Pooch: System Maintenance Tips for Homeowners with Pets

Pets add a lot to our families, and often, they are considered an actual member of the family. Because of this, they spend time indoors and outdoors right alongside you, and benefit from the same cooling or heat provided by your HVAC system. However, your pet poses some risks to your systems that you might not realize, but should be mindful of if you want to keep your AC running at its best. We’ve divided our tips into two categories: indoor and outdoor issues you could face with your AC unit if you have a pet. Those are…


Inside your home, your pet stays nice and cozy…but it also continually sheds hair and dander. These can quickly clog your filter, and not only decrease the air quality in your home significantly (read: worse allergies for you and your family) but can also harm the function of your AC system. To keep your unit running at top efficiency, change the filter out routinely, preferably once a month, and keep a close eye on it for any buildup in between changes. Additionally, vacuum up pet hair on a regular basis to keep it from reaching your filter in the first place, which will save you money on excessive filter changes over time. Finally, if you have floor vents in your home, keep pets from sleeping on top of them, as this limits air flow and isn’t good for the temperature of your house OR your AC/heating system.


Outside, your pet can cause damage to your actual AC unit by climbing on it, scratching it, or worse…going potty on it. The AC unit is a common place for pets to mark, and over time urine can cause corrosion of the unit, and that will lead to other issues with your system. Be mindful of where your pet is using the restroom, and if possible, enclose your AC unit with fencing or barrier to keep it separate from children and pets altogether. Bonus? It’s much less of an eyesore if you choose an attractive fencing option, and your curb appeal will increase! Another benefit of enclosing your unit is that it keeps all wires and cords protected from pets who like to chew, which is another issue owners can face, specifically those with dogs.

If your AC system is acting up, whether it’s your pet’s fault or not, you know who to call. Ridge Energy Savers will ALWAYS come to the rescue, and we are proud to serve the greater Polk County area with only the best in service. We are committed to making each client feel like a top priority, so give us a call when you need help to keep your cool (or warm up, thanks to the recent Florida temperatures)!

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