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Moisture 101: Deciding If You Need a Humidifier in Your Home

Humidity is a common topic here in Florida, as we typically have a higher-than-average level of moisture in the air, and we enjoy the benefits of not having dry air like our northern neighbors battle on a regular basis. However, the recent cold snap here in the Sunshine State has many of us running for blankets, stored-away jackets, and perhaps the humidifier our grandmother used when we had colds. Why are humidifiers so helpful during cold weather?

Well, there are many benefits to keeping moisture in the air inside your home, but a few key reasons include:

  • Better health and shorter recovery. Studies show that viruses and bacteria can’t travel as well in moist air, which means your household stays healthier during the cold and flu months. Additionally, moist air helps your body recover faster, since dry nasal passages and scratchy throats are more easily eliminated.
  • Save money on utilities. Moist air tends to feel warmer than dry air, so instead of continuing to crank your heater up (and spend more $$$), you could invest in a humidifier system to improve the temperature of your home.
  • Improved rest. Sleeping is hard when dry mouth and scratchy throat inhibit you from getting (and staying) comfortable. Dry air doesn’t make a restful environment, and a humidifier can be the answer to that problem.

While a simple tabletop humidifier from a local drugstore is what people often think of, humidifiers for your home have made a lot of progress in recent years. Whole house humidifiers are one of the best options, especially for those of us in Florida where TOO much humidity can also be a problem. A whole house system is professionally installed to work with your HVAC system and your plumbing to release just the right amount of moisture into the air when needed, without overdoing it and causing problems of the other extreme (like mold and moisture damage). A whole house system can save you money because it lasts long-term, monitors the moisture levels and reacts accordingly, and works alongside your existing systems instead of inhibiting their efficiency.

Ridge Energy Savers Inc. is here to handle ALL of your HVAC needs, from simple repair and maintenance jobs, to full purchase and installation of systems. We serve the greater Polk County community, and our emergency service means we are never too far away to help. For your next HVAC emergency, remember to call Ridge to the Rescue!

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