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New Year, New Home...Now What? Getting to Know Your New AC

2019 is here, and while it’s a fresh start for all of us, it’s especially “new” for those who have recently moved, or are preparing to move, into a new home. Moving can be stressful, but it’s also exciting. Perhaps you’re upgrading to allow for more space for a growing family, or maybe you’re downsizing now that your children have left the nest. For some, a move is necessary because of relocating thanks to a job, or family needs. No matter the reason, getting to know a new home takes time, and as many of us have found, each new house comes with its own set of quirks and its own “personality.”

While you can take your time getting to know your new home in many areas (like learning how to skip the spot in the floor that squeaks in the nursery, or how to close the kitchen cabinet just right so it doesn’t pop back open), there are a few parts of your home that need to be addressed up front. Yes, a home inspection is required of the majority of home buyers thanks to a mortgage, but it goes without saying that not all inspections are created equal, and more than a few home buyers have been unpleasantly surprised by things that their inspector should have caught but didn’t.

One of the areas that can cause a big issue for home buyers here in Florida is the HVAC system. As Floridians we rely on our AC almost 365 days a year, and if you purchase a home with a system that just isn’t up to the challenge of cooling your home, you could be in for a miserable move-in day. So, how can you protect yourself against an AC disaster?

First, consider paying for an HVAC inspection before you sign on the dotted line. Yes, if you end up not purchasing the home, you won’t get that money back, but considering that being slapped with the bill for an entirely new AC system after-the-fact could cost you upwards of $5,000 or more, it’s worth the peace of mind, especially if you’re serious about the house. Unlike a regular home inspector, having AC professionals do an inspection on just the HVAC system means you can have confidence that the system is either ready to go (and you’ll likely be given an “average” lifespan remaining on the system) or you’ll be told that you need a new one soon and will need to factor that into your closing deal.

If you already purchased a home, but didn’t get the AC inspection done beforehand, it’s not too late! Having an inspection done immediately upon (or shortly after) moving in can give you an idea of what shape your system is in, and what you can do to make it last longer, and work more efficiently. A professional HVAC tech can tell you if any parts are staring to show major wear and need to be replaced to extend the life of your unit, if the system needs to be cleaned, if the thermostat is faulty/outdated, etc.

Residents in and around Polk County trust Ridge Energy Savers for all of their AC needs. From inspections and repairs, to full system sales and installation, we come to the rescue when you need help keeping your cool. We’re ready and waiting to help YOU!

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