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No Filter, No Good! Why Keeping Up with Filter Changes Is Necessary for The Health of Your AC...And for You!

Today’s world is driven by social media, and hashtags have become a common way of identifying subjects, people, and places in posts. #Nofilter is a trendy option for many influencers, and is used when people post an image without any changes, edits, or enhancements made. While this might be great for your online profile, the same is not true for your HVAC system. Failing to change your AC filter on a regular basis can have negative effects not just for your HVAC system, but for everyone within your home.

Your filter pulls dust, dirt, pet dander, and more out of the air circulating through your home each day. Obviously, not every home is the same, with some people who clean daily…and other people who don’t exactly remember the last time they cleaned.  Regardless of your style of housekeeping, the need for your AC filter to be changed doesn’t waver. Even the cleanest home can have dirt you don’t see in the air, and that can cause a host of issues including:

  • Aggravation of existing allergies. For those who are allergic to dust, cat/dog hair or dander, or even certain pollens, failing to change your filter can leave your family member or guest with a very unpleasant reaction. Coughing, sneezing, itchy/watery eyes, etc. can result from breathing in air tainted with allergens.
  • Asthma triggers. Much like those with allergies, people who suffer from asthma are sensitive to the air around them. Unlike most seasonal or environmental allergies though, setting off an asthma attack can result in difficulty breathing and can even mean a trip to the hospital if the attack is severe enough.
  • Unpleasant odors. If you miss several filter changes, all of the nastiness that gets filtered out of the air in your home will continue to build up, and over time that can actually lead to a musty-smelling home. That’s not what you want to live with each day and it’s certainly not how you want to greet visitors!

Our expert team at Ridge Energy Savers recommends changing your filter monthly. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to keep your system running at its best. Simply set a reminder on your phone or computer, or place a post-it note on your calendar for the same day each month so you don’t forget to pop a new filter in. Are you a routine customer with Ridge Energy through our AC maintenance plan? If you’ve recently had an appointment, you can skip your filter change this month! That’s because we do it for you when we tune up your HVAC system. It’s just one of the details that we pay attention to when you call on Ridge to come to the rescue! If you aren’t already on an AC maintenance plan, the benefits are huge and will increase the efficiency and longevity of your system. Give us a call to find out more and make your appointment!

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