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Out With The Old, In With The New: When Is It Time to Replace Your AC?

If you’re a homeowner, replacing your AC can sound like a scary (and expensive) undertaking, so it’s no surprise that many people tend to turn their head when the topic comes up and just hope they can keep their unit working past any issues that arise. However, this isn’t always the best, most cost-effective, solution, especially for residents here in Florida where year-round use of your AC is typically needed. Attempting to keep your AC limping along when it’s past it’s lifespan usually results in a higher energy bill and fails to actually keep your house cool. However, it can be hard to know when your AC requires full replacement and when it simply needs some assistance and/or repair. The average life of an AC is approximately 15-20 years (dependent on brand and quality of the system, maintenance, etc.), so if your home is reaching this age, and the system is original to the house, it could be time to invest in a new AC.  Even if your system is younger than the 15-year mark, it can still go out, so here’s what to watch out for with your own unit…


  • Thermostat failure. If you notice that your house isn’t cooling properly, it might not even be your AC unit after all…it could just be the thermostat. When your thermostat goes bad, it affects the function of your entire system, so it can raise a false alarm that your unit has died or is going to require a major repair. However, a bad thermostat isn’t a complicated or expensive fix, so there’s no need to panic. We can come in and quickly determine if this is your problem, and if it is, we can have you up and running with a new (and better) thermostat ASAP.
  • Air is blowing, but it isn’t cool. If you notice that your AC fan is still operating, but you feel no cool air coming through the vents, it could be a lack of coolant in your system, a line could have frozen, or the actual AC system could be starting to die. These issues range in complexity (and cost of repair) so it’s important to call in the pros to evaluate the problem. If it’s simply a frozen line or clog, we can fix it before it turns into a bigger problem and causes major damage to your unit.
  • There is no cool air and the system doesn’t run at all. While there can be multiple causes for this, you’ll want to have it checked out quickly. A quality HVAC professional can tell you the best option for you, and if it’s going to cost more to keep your system running with various repairs, or if it would be cheaper to just replace the system. Consider this: newer models are designed to save you over 30% on your current energy bill, and if you pair that savings with the money you’d be saving on frequent repairs and replacement parts, you’re likely wiser to purchase a new AC.

When you’re ready for a full HVAC replacement, or if you simply need an evaluation of your current system for repairs or new parts, Ridge Energy Savers is here to come to the rescue! We are proud to serve the greater Polk County area with a full range of both residential and commercial HVAC services, so when you’re finding it hard to keep your cool, you know who to call!

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