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Seeing (and Saving) Green: AC Tips for The Month of March in Florida

Spring has arrived in full bloom here in Florida, and while temps might have made us think summer is already on its way, we still have a few more rounds of mild weather before the dreaded heat and humidity kick in. Because the weather is still fluctuating between “winter” (mild temps) and the hotter climate we are used to, it can be hard to know how to set your HVAC system. As usual, it’s Ridge to the rescue! We have some tips for the month of March to help you save energy, save money, and stay cool. After all, the best place to see “green” during the month of March is in your own wallet!

Use your thermostat! Your thermostat is your best friend when it comes to keeping your home at an ideal temperature without wasting energy (and money). Many thermostats available in today’s market offer a wide variety of programming options, especially those that are wifi enabled and work with your phone (or other device) remotely. These “smart thermostats” can even learn your habits, and will change the temperature of your home during the day based upon activity level, desired temp for the day/night, etc. This means your AC won’t be running to keep your home at a steady 73 degrees while you’re away at work all day and no one is around to enjoy the cool air but the cat. Instead, your thermostat can turn the AC up a bit while you’re gone, but have your house cooled back down before you arrive.

Watch your windows. Yes, it’s temping to use that milder (dare we say, cooler) air outside during the spring days, but if you aren’t careful this could end up costing you more money rather than saving a few bucks. If you’re going to use open windows as a method to cool the house on milder days, be sure to turn off your HVAC system first! Otherwise you’re spending money to cool the air outside. Also note, if you want to leave windows open, pay attention to the sun. Keeping shades pulled to block direct sunlight (and resulting heat) will keep your home cooler, without having to use energy (and $$$). You can still enjoy the fresh air coming from outdoors, but a simple set of blinds or a thin curtain will offer some protection from those harsh rays.

Pay attention to AC maintenance. Just because the weather isn’t steamy yet, doesn’t mean you can sit back and ignore your AC unit. Hot weather is just around the corner, and failing to keep up with maintenance now could leave you with costly AC emergencies when you need the cool air most. What could be a simple and inexpensive fix taken care of during a maintenance check can turn into a catastrophic issue within a few months time, so keep up with regular maintenance, and if you suspect a problem with your unit, call now instead of waiting until you’re stuck with no cool air in the middle of summer.

Ridge Energy Savers is proud to cover all your HVAC needs, from simple repairs and maintenance calls to full system purchase and installation options. Our experienced technicians work quickly and efficiently, and with our 24-hour emergency service, you never have to go without your AC system for very long. We serve the greater Polk County area, and we’re ready and waiting to come to you. Give us a call!

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