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Tips for AC Care Year Round

Because of our extreme temperatures and constant need for cooling our homes, we continually discuss how important routine maintenance and prompt repair are for your AC system here at Ridge Energy. While we are proud to provide these services for the greater Polk County area, we can’t keep your AC running at its best on our own. You have to invest some of your own time and energy into keeping your system functioning, and while it’s not hard to do, it is hard to remember to put on your to-do list when life gets crazy.

We thought you might appreciate this handy reminder list of things to do for your AC all year long. Copy it and print it out, stick it in your planner or on your fridge, and make it easy to remember to care for your AC this summer!

  1. Change your air filter often. Preferably, you should change your filter every month. While some filters boast of a 3 month or more lifespan, it’s actually healthier for you AND for your AC system if you opt for the cheaper filters and just take the time to change them each month. This helps keep your air cleaner, and your AC functioning better.
  2. Clear any debris and/or yard growth away from your outdoor AC unit. Overgrowth can lead to issues with your unit. When you are already outside mowing your lawn, go ahead and take a few extra minutes to trim around your AC unit. Grass, weeds, and shrubs can crowd in on your AC, and that can lead to problems over time. Dust off any cobwebs or debris that might have fallen on it since the last cleaning too!
  3. Clean the indoor grates. The metal grate that covers your AC filter, and the grates that cover the ductwork leading into each room, are a gathering place for dust and dirt. Periodically dust them, and if they are easily removed, take them outside and hose them down. This will improve the air quality throughout your home!

Of course, these simple routine tips aren’t all your AC needs to be functioning at its highest capacity. HVAC systems need annual inspections of their various parts and a thorough internal cleaning as well. Ridge Energy Savers can take care of that for you! If your AC unit is on the fritz, don’t suffer in the heat! We provide emergency AC repair services to the greater Winter Haven area of Central Florida. We’ll make sure you keep your cool, so give us a call!

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