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What's The Problem? Unexpected Signs That Your AC Needs Attention

Florida residents take our AC seriously. We will decide where to shop, where to eat, and where to go for fun based on if the place in question will have cool air, and if so, how much. It goes without saying then that we value our home HVAC systems pretty highly, and do our best to take care of them. We’ve all had a day when we return home, or a night when we wake up from peaceful sleep, to realize our house has climbed to 90 degrees and we’re left to suffer. However, having your AC stop cold turkey isn’t always the only sign that you need to call your AC professionals. There are other signs and “symptoms” that something could be going on, and you should call in help before it’s too late and you’re left sweating it out, literally.

Here are a few scenarios to watch for:

Your AC is running fine, the thermostat is set for your desired temp, but your house still feels hot. While this can sometimes be a personal perspective issue (as in, you just happen to feel warm at that moment) it can also indicate that you need to change your AC filter. Your AC can’t function at its best if you fail to maintain it, and monthly filter changes are part of that maintenance process.

Your AC is blowing air…but the air feels room temp, or worse, warm! This can indicate an issue with your refrigerant. The cooling agent in your AC could be leaking, and that means you need to call in the pros STAT.

Your unit is running ALL. THE. TIME. This could indicate a variety of issues, but one common problem is that the thermostat is bad. If it can’t properly read the temp and gets locked at a higher number, it’s going to turn on and stay on, or, if the thermostat is stuck at a low temp, it might not turn on at all.

You notice a leak! It can be easy to panic and think your roof, your pipes, or another major home repair has presented itself. In reality, your AC unit can cause leaks too! If the drain pipe has gotten clogged with ice or debris it can overflow, causing a “leak” of sorts. This problem is usually preceded by your AC showing other signs of problems (like not cooling your house!) but it’s still good to know that water coming from your unit is an automatic sign to call us.

For residents in and around the greater Polk County area, Ridge Energy Savers is ready to come to your rescue. Our job is to make sure your AC is doing it’s job, and we’re on call when you sound the alarm that something isn’t right. We offer both residential and commercial emergency service, and our skilled technicians are highly trained in all types of AC repair and parts replacement. We’re even here for you before there’s a problem, with our routine maintenance plan to keep your AC at its best.

The next time there’s a problem, keep your cool, and call Ridge Energy Savers!

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