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Getting Your AC Ready for Thanksgiving Guests

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather, enjoy a delicious meal, and give thanks. As you prepare your home for guests, don’t forget to make sure your air conditioning system is ready to keep everyone comfortable. Here are three essential points to help you prepare your AC for Thanksgiving guests:

  1. Schedule a Pre-Thanksgiving HVAC Maintenance
  2. Before the big day arrives, it’s a good idea to schedule a professional HVAC maintenance check. A qualified technician can inspect your system, clean or replace air filters, check for any leaks or issues, and ensure that your AC is in optimal working condition. Regular maintenance helps improve air quality, enhances energy efficiency, and reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns, providing a comfortable environment for your guests.
  3. Adjust Your Thermostat
  4. During Thanksgiving gatherings, your home can get crowded and warm due to the oven and stove running, as well as body heat from your guests. To maintain a comfortable temperature, adjust your thermostat to a cooler setting a few hours before your guests arrive. This will help counteract the extra heat produced during cooking and ensure everyone stays comfortable throughout the day. Remember to consider your guests’ preferences when setting the temperature, as some people may prefer a cooler environment.
  5. Optimize Airflow and Ventilation
  6. Proper airflow and ventilation are crucial for maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in your home during Thanksgiving. Ensure that all vents and registers are clean and unobstructed. You can also use ceiling fans or box fans strategically to distribute air and maintain a consistent temperature. Additionally, if weather conditions permit, open windows to promote natural ventilation, allowing fresh air to circulate throughout your home.

By following these three simple steps, you can make sure your AC system is ready to handle the demands of hosting Thanksgiving guests. A comfortable and inviting environment will enhance your guests’ experience, allowing everyone to focus on the joy of the holiday and the delicious feast you’ve prepared. When you’re ready to have your HVAC system inspected, please contact Ridge Energy Savers Inc. for all your AC needs.

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