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Fall Is Here...Are You Ready?

While Florida residents know we have a few more weeks (or even months) before we feel the cooling effects of Fall, people are gearing up for seasonal changes starting now. Your AC will still be in use for weeks to come, but having your heat source(s) prepped now means you won’t be left shivering or trying to air out your home from burning dust. Fortunately, Ridge Energy Savers offers both heating AND cooling services, so we have your temperature control covered no matter the weather outside.

How can you prepare your home and heating system for the cooler months?

  • Look for leaks! We aren’t referring to fluid leaks (although, those are important to watch for too when it comes to your AC). Rather, we are talking about “air leaks” around windows, under doors, and around other entrances of your home, like pipes and vents. Any area not properly sealed is a way that cold can get in (and valuable heat can get out), thus making your system work much harder to remain at your desired temp.
  • Clean your vents. No one enjoys having a home that smells like burning dust when they turn on their heater. It’s common for Florida heating systems to burn off a bit of dust at the beginning of each season since they aren’t used frequently, or over a long span of time. However, thoroughly cleaning your vents, and having your duct work professionally cleaned, will lessen the amount of dust and grime buildup and will leave your air fresher and healthier when it’s time to crank up the heat this winter.
  • Have your heating and cooling system evaluated. If your home is heated by furnace, you certainly need to make sure everything is in working order since a faulty gas furnace could result in dangerous fumes being leaked into your home. No matter what type of system you have, making sure it’s working efficiently and that all parts are functioning properly is key in keeping your home comfortable and staying on budget with your energy costs.

No matter the season, you can always call on Ridge to come to the rescue! We serve the greater Polk County area with only the best in AC, heating, and refrigeration services, so you know you can trust us to help you keep your cool (or stay warm) all year long. Our maintenance packages give you the option of having a “checkup” for your system on a routine basis, so you’re never caught off guard with an unexpected repair, or worse, without your AC or heat when you need it. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

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